ForMusic Socials

ForMusic Socials is ForMusic’s digital agency! We’re responsible for planning, executing and measuring all results of social media campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube and even on streaming platforms!

Whether you need a team to take care of your social media accounts, make a punctual action on the launching of a new song or album, or if you’re a brand looking to connect to your audience through music, you’ll love to hear more about us and our services!



A ForMusic Socials customer since 2021, Titãs is still going strong on social media. With the creation of pieces, video editing and much more, we offer follow-up and cherish the construction of a band-fan relationship through differentiated content on all the trio’s channels.

Tha House Company

For the Rio de Janeiro rap production company, Tha House Company, ForMusic works on several fronts: creation of pieces, schedule and programming of social networks, as well as ads for instagram/facebook and youtube. Tha House Company is also the first ForMusic Socials client to acquire art direction and styling for the clips that will be released throughout 2022, in addition to other special and differentiated actions involving our services team.


ForMusic’s Socials participated in Amarni’s campaigns mainly on social media advertising. Our team was responsible for  advertising ”Felt Cute” and “Beyoncè”, single that went viral on TikTok in the second half of 2021.

Adrian Jean

ForMusic Socials is behind the ads on social networks (instagram, facebook and youtube) of some of the main releases of the American artist Adrian Jean! Totalizing more than 594 thousand views on youtube from paid campaigns, ForMusic Socials was also responsible for reaching more than 5 million fans through ads!

CASES 2021


MUCHO is a music and culture festival that celebrates Latin America. ForMusic Socials was responsible for it’s social media accounts during the festival’s 5th edition. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube were included in this project, as well as Facebook and Google ads. The results were super positive, almost doubling the amount of Instagram followers, and communicating the festival greatly.

Jason Mraz

We created a digital campaign on Jason Mraz’s Instagram and Facebook pages, focused on the brazilian public for the release of the ‘Look for the Good’ album, released during the pandemic in 2020. The campaign lasted 2 months and included editing of assets, audience segmentation, analysis of KPIs, execution of the plan on the artist’s instagram and facebook, and reports that presented an excellent result.

Léo Chaves

We created a organic posting and ads plan that would accompany the promotion of the song and music video of Léo Chaves‘ “Quando a Gente Sonha”, along with a social campaign on the artist’s socials accounts and on his YouTube channel, which yielded more than 800 thousand views for the video.

Gabriel Braga Nunes

In 2020, Gabriel Braga Nunes released his firsts solo singles. Our team put together an Instagram and Facebook campaign, focused on introducing the artist as a singer, and promoting the music. Planning and execution of organic content, ads management and design of the singles’ covers were parts of this project.

Bebel Gilberto

For Bebel Gilberto‘s project, the goal of the digital campaign was to structure the social media presence of an already established artist. The campaign was developed along with the singer’s nomination to the 2021 Grammys for the album “Agora”. Organic and ads strategies were planned and executed, focusing on Spotify.